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Welcome to Opus

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Open Opus and tap on the New Note button.
Add a title and a note. tap Save when you are done. You have now created your first Opus note, you can open & edit your note by tapping on it in the notes list.

Edit a note

To Open & Edit a note simply tap the on the note you want to edit, this willl open the note. Then tap on the pencil icon to start editing. When you are done editing tap Save.

Delete or archive a note

If you want to delete or archive a note simply open the note you want to delete/archive and tap on Delete button. The app will then ask you if you want to delete or archive the note, if you choose to archive the note the app will move the note to the archive were you can acces your lastly archived note. Warning! The archive only stores one note at a time, archiving more notes will overwrite the last note. You can restore your lastly checked note from the archive by open in the archive from the options menu, tapping on it and selecting YES. If you choose to delete the note the app will remove the note from your notes list and NOT move it to the archive!


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